Young Man Brian


The young man Brian was filled with rage born in early childhood having been beaten and left to die by uncaring parents.

He outlasted death and grew to a giant size.  Boxing became his savior, but he refused to compete in the ring.  This angered his coach.

One day, the young man Brian bent his eyes on the heavy boulder in front of the gym.  He stepped outside and brought his sledgehammer hand down on the rock.

It split in half.

The boxers inside prayed even harder that the young man Brian would never decide to fight in the ring.


Prompt from Friday Fictioneers.  PHOTO PROMPT ©  J Hardy Carroll


8 thoughts on “Young Man Brian

  1. Let us be glad that Young Man Brian knew himself enough to not endanger others.
    Now… if he could just meet that young woman/man who would tame his anger…

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