The Amazon River Bug Always Stings Twice



Something shook me from restless slumber. It was a high-pitched, haunting bird call.

Strange. The entire jungle silent but for a single bird.

I rolled onto the deck and searched for the crew but found only more silence.

Alarms inside.

Under the boat the water was blue with streaks of white. I was afraid of falling overboard.

The reflection of the trees on the water was clear and focused. The trees above the reflection were blurry.  Madness.

Suddenly, a bird rose up from beneath the sky blue water with no spray and no splashing sounds.   It spread its wings and hovered before me. I watched, frozen, as it drew open its mouth. Bursting forth from inside its throat was the most beautiful yellow flower I had ever seen.

The bottom of my wrist began to burn. I twisted my arm and gently rubbed the welts forming on my pale skin.


Prompt from Friday Fictioneers.  Photo Prompt from What Pegman Saw weekly writing prompt Link




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