Snow Glare


He was in his mid thirties, single, worked at night, and slept during the day.  I know because I spent the winter with a broken limb watching him through my window.

One snowy morning, he parked his SUV in the driveway and trudged around to his front door.

Why park outside when its thirty below? A hoarders den? Additional room?

Curious, I limped across the street, broke into his car, and clicked open the garage door.  Inside was a large empty space with a chair sitting silent in the middle.

Plagued by thoughts, I stopped stalking him and moved away.


Prompt from Friday Fictioneers.     PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


The Lake House


The newlywed Joneses began with just two,

A husband and wife.

Then came a third, a baby named Bryce.

Soon there were four.

Then five, six and seven.

Before they knew it, they were up to eleven!

Additions were added and their home grew and grew,

It rose up from the ground as the builders they flew.

Next came adoptions and more mouths to feed,

The house started bursting right out at the seams.

Then something evil crept out of the lake

And their numbers

they dwindled

down to just



Prompt from Friday Fictioneers.  Photo prompt ©  JS Brand

The Device


The young inventor sat with the device in his lap, lost in deep contemplation.  A single burst and the tree had disintegrated.  He stared at the dirt, then up at the scattered wooden innards that flashed against the dark ground.  His mind raced with visions of scaled versions of the device.  Large mobile units operating together as a mechanized army capable of clearing an entire forest in seconds. 

He turned the barrel towards himself.  Save the world from his ideas?

History filled his mind.  He could see the giant cloud billowing up into the atmosphere. 

He blinked. 

An Oppenheimer moment.


Prompt from Friday Fictioneers.  Photo prompt ©

The Painter


As I rounded the hill top and started for the other side, I could see a small pond shimmering in the icy wind and her easel standing quietly alone beside it. Panic gripped my body as I bounded down the slope.

At the easel, all I found were her black leather shoes.

I looked at the painting.  It was incomplete, smudges of brown beginning the trees and a deep blue-black mass representing the pond. The water seemed strange. I leaned in closer.  Floating in middle of the painted pond, swirled in blue-white-yellow was the word that stopped my heart.  Help!

Prompt from Friday Fictioneers.  Photo Prompt @ Magaly Guerrero


The Hungry Thief


What have we here? – pizza, wine, a watch. Hmm…eat the pizza, drink the wine.

What about DNA?

Alcohol kills DNA, right?

Better google it.

No.  Alcohol does not destroy DNA. Dammit!

I’ll drink from the bottle, then.  Just a few swigs.  They’ll never suspect it.

Pizza needs a quick microwave.

It’s hot now.  Burned the roof of my mouth.  It was worth it, though.   Tastes delicious, authentic.  And the wine’s amazing.  Getting a pic of the label for later.

Since the food and drink were so good, I’ll leave’m the watch…but I’m still taking the damn TV.


Prompt from Friday Fictioneers.  Photo Prompt ©Dale Rogerson

Shadow World


Claude stared at the giant shadow made by the tiny toy bike sitting on the window seal above his head.

He thought of a game.

He curled his fingers into the flick position and while watching the opposite wall lined them up underneath the bike shadow. He flicked. The bike flew up into the air turning in circles until it reached the top of the sun square projected on the wall. It vanished into the unlit darkness.

Claude gulped. He bolted up and searched the window seal with frantic hands.

The real bike was gone, lost in the shadow world forever.

Prompt from Friday Fictioneers. Photo Prompt © Jellico’s Stationhouse

The Amazon River Bug Always Stings Twice



Something shook me from restless slumber. It was a high-pitched, haunting bird call.

Strange. The entire jungle silent but for a single bird.

I rolled onto the deck and searched for the crew but found only more silence.

Alarms inside.

Under the boat the water was blue with streaks of white. I was afraid of falling overboard.

The reflection of the trees on the water was clear and focused. The trees above the reflection were blurry.  Madness.

Suddenly, a bird rose up from beneath the sky blue water with no spray and no splashing sounds.   It spread its wings and hovered before me. I watched, frozen, as it drew open its mouth. Bursting forth from inside its throat was the most beautiful yellow flower I had ever seen.

The bottom of my wrist began to burn. I twisted my arm and gently rubbed the welts forming on my pale skin.


Prompt from Friday Fictioneers.  Photo Prompt from What Pegman Saw weekly writing prompt Link